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1. Bizao Unscription

For DCB traffic, there is tow UnSubscription channel:

  • Web: different possibilities are available for this Channel

a. Use a northbound UnSub API (for instance in MTN side), this API can be used by the Service Partners.

b. Use a SP UI to UnSubscrib the User (the case for DCB Orange traffic).

  • SMS-MO:

a. This is the most UnSub channel used to UnSubscrib the users in Orange and MTN DCB traffic.

b. This Channel use a Keyword per SP/Service, each Keyword is provisioned in our Hub

B2B Notification:

For both UnSubscription channels (web and SMS-MO) the MNO notifies Bizao using the Bizao callBack-URL below :

Orange :

2. SMS MO: Bizao logic for Orange traffic