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Service Providers access to Bizao APIs

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Bizao gateway gives you an access to a range of one time REST API.
It provides you end-points to process your business traffic with different Telco-operators in
To use the API, the service provider needs to sign-up and subscribe to Bizao API’s offers.
So far, the sign-up & subscription process is made off-line by the Bizao team, which will
be on self-service basis for a future version of Bizao API (already on roadmap).

After subscription, the Bizao team will give you an ACCESS_TOKEN to use as Header in all
calls you will make to the API:



The B2B connection to the Bizao platform is made in SSL1 to secure your traffic.

the Bizao API offers three methods of end-user authentication:

1. One time Password (OTP) :

This is a web explicit authentication mode. It is adapted for all HTTP access. It
only needs a mobile to receive a PIN code by SMS.

2. 3G-Redirect URL :

This is a mobile implicit mode. It works only for MNOs customers connected through
the 3G data network. The results of a successful authentication is sent to a callback
URL provided by your app.

3. MO SMS with ShortCode :

This is an implicit mode. The authentication process starts by sending an SMS
thanks to a short-code linked to a callback URL provided by your app.

In the authentication journey, the Bizao platform will generate/provide you a pair of keys as
credentials for each Client authenticated.


It’s a unique and limited time ID (1 year) to use for critical API calls such as payment

Sample of BIZAO_TOKEN :

“B64ZNgw9MaNekCsFRYf9pe6WZFzYnOKQxoyUagq8v2anGGrY4JG+Xx5MO42 iFpkEYzf|MCO=OCI|tcd=1526548445|ted=1526348545|uSmSX85ScNIIMK5QH OK1kSoN"

It’s a unique and unlimited time ID to use for tracking users or in the SMS-API.

Sample of BIZAO_ALIAS :



These Keys/ID are made unique by MSISDN and must be used instead of
user’s MSISDN for all API calls you will made on the Bizao platform.