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Subscription API

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1. Principles

The Subscription API will manage the dcb subscription user’s traffic, including the
renewal according to each Product/Service periodicity.

2. Description

Below the endpoint to access to this API (Bizao will provide you the credential/token
to access to this API) :



BIZAO-Host :

Method: POST

Note :

  • This API use only a Headers, No body need for this API
  • This API will response with a ‘Successful’ status for each new Subscription query
  • The final status of User Susbcription will be sent to your BackEnd in Notification flow via your CallBack URL.

Below the following Headers required in your query :

mno-name(string) the name of operator you targetexample :
orange, mtn. Bizao will update you regarding the new
mno set in the hub
country-code(string) 2 characters code of the country you target (
use this norme : ISO 3166 alpha 2 country code, url to
get the all country-code list : (for example CI
is the country-code for ivory Coast.
product-id(alphanum) the Id related to your Product ( will be
provided by Bizao integration team in service
Onboarding step )
SP-id(alphanum) the Id related to you per country ( will be
provided by Bizao integration team in service
Onboarding step )
User-idThe User MSISDN in format number ( without ‘+’, ‘00’ ) :
Example :22575338226.
(alphanum) parametre to let put some correlation
StateNote : this parametre must be in EncodedURL format.
Bizao Will sent you back the value of this parametre
wihtin the B2B notification

Successful real time query response sample :

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer Your_Access_Token \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'country-code: ci' \
--header 'mno-name: mtn' \
--header 'product-id: Product_Id' \
--header 'state: param16072' \
--header 'user-id: +22566xxxxxx' \
--header 'sp-id: 2250110XXXXX'

Response sample :

{ "subscription - id": "1e851c11 - de54 - 4366 - 8 b6e - 6028002 edd92",
"subscription-status": "Succes s ful " }

a. subscription-id: the unique id of the subscription handled on Bizao backend
b. subscription-status: the status of your User subscription query