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Unsubscription API

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1. Principles

With MTN there is two way to UnSubscrib the User :

a. Unsubscription via Bizao ShortCode : Bizao propose this SC 767 that users can use with the right Keyword to UnSubscrib to the Product via SMS : “STOP <Keyword>”

(where Keyword is the one committed with Bizao for targeted Product)

b. Unsubscription via Bizao API: Bizao propose also an API to let the SP UnSubscribs
the User. see description in below paragraph below.

2. Description

To UnSusbcrib the user via API you can use the same subscription API but in
format/syntax below.
You keep the same Header used for the Subscription API.



BIZAO-Host :

Syntax: (DELETE) subscription/v1/{subscriptionID} ( see required headers

This API use only a Headers, No body need for this API.
Below the following Headers required in your query :

mno-name(string) the name of operator you targetexample :
orange, mtn. Bizao will update you regarding the new
mno set in the hub
country-code(string) 2 characters code of the country you target
( use this norme : ISO 3166 alpha 2 country code, url to
get the all country-code list : (for example CI is
the country-code for ivory Coast
state(alphanum) parametre to let put some correlation data
Note : this parametre must be in EncodedURL format.
Bizao Will sent you back the value of this parametre
wihtin the B2B notification

Unsubscription query sample:

curl --location --
request DELETE ' 0d658cdd-caaa-40d2-
a082-fe112f81aa7 \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer Your_Access_Token \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'country-code: ci' \
--header 'mno-name: mtn' \
--header 'state: param%3A16072' \

Successful real time response sample (the http response code is 200) :

"UnSubscription - id": "55564763 - 6425 - 441 d - 95 ef - 34 a36971df5c",
"Unsubscription - status ": " Successful "