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Implicite mode (HE)

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1. Principles

In this mode the SP will got the User MSISDN from the HE flow (Header Enrichment).

But first, the SP needs to activate this flow in Bizao side/platform by providing :

  • A dedicated HE-CallBack URL in format below :
  • The IP address of this URL

The MNO will make enrichment on this URL only in MSISDN in the Header below :


2. HE-flow logic

In case of 3G connection, the SP will redirect each new user to the SP <HE-Callback> . MNO will add a header <bizao-msisdn> to this URL for each new redirection and set this header with the <User-MSISDN>, the SP can collect/extract it accordingly.

3. HE-diagram flow

Below the HE flow diagram including the subscription and notification steps.