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OTP Authentication error

The following table lists the common error codes and messages that can be generated by the Bizao platform:

HTTP Code & StatusCodeMessageDescription
400 Bad request232740000Missing inputThe following input is missing: input.name
400 Bad request232740001Malformed request body
400 Bad request232740002Malformed URI
400 Bad request232740003Invalid input valueThe following input is invalid: input.name
405 Method not supportedN/AN/AN/A
500 Internal Server error232740004Internal Error[Complementary information]
404 Not Found232740200Resource not foundUnknown challengeId
403 Forbidden232740201Authorization denied
403 Forbidden232740202Too many retries
400 Bad request232740203The provided challenge inputs are invalid[Complementary information]
400 Bad request232740203Invalid Content-TypeError on JSON parameters

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