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Payment error codes

ErrorCode Exception Text Variables Response Code
POL0253 Payment operation refused by user none 403 Forbidden
POL0254 The amount exceeds the operator limit for a single charge none 403 Forbidden
POL1000 User has insufficient credit for transaction none 403 Forbidden
POL1001 The %1 operator charging limit for this user has been exceeded %1 – the time period for which the charging limit has been reached, e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. 403 Forbidden
POL1002 The charge happened too soon after the previous one none 403 Forbidden
POL1004 Refund below minimum refundable amount supported %1 %1 – the minimum refundable amount supported 403 Forbidden
POL1005 A refund request requires the originalServerReferenceCode for the charge that is being refunded none 403 Forbidden
POL1006 originalServerReferenceCode not valid none 403 Forbidden
  POL2010 Inconsistent transaction none 400 Bad Request
POL2011 Transaction expired or invalid none 400 Bad Request
SVC0007 Invalid charging information none 400 Bad Request
SVC0270 Charging operation failed, the charge was not applied none 400 Bad Request
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