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Notification & SMS API error codes

Notification error codes

HTTP Code and status Error Code Exception Text Variables
400 Bad request SVC0280 Message too long. Maximum length is %1 characters %1 – number of characters allowed in a message
403 Forbidden 900908 Resource forbidden none

SMS API internal error codes

Internal Output mapping
Error code Description Error code Error variables
PDK_SMSW_0001 Internal error SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_0001
PDK_SMSW_0002 Integration error SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_0002
PDK_SMSW_0003 Unavailable country SVC0004 %1: senderAddress value
PDK_SMSW_0004 Duplicate client correlator SVC0005 %1: clientCorrelator value %2: TBD
PDK_SMSW_0005 Missing input value SVC0002 %1: missing value
PDK_SMSW_0006 Invalid sender address SVC0004 %1: senderAddress value
PDK_SMSW_0007 Invalid recipient address SVC0004 %1: address value
PDK_SMSW_0008 Message too long SVC0280 %1: max message length
PDK_SMSW_0009 Invalid input value SVC0002 %1: invalid value
PDK_SMSW_0011 BE-API is unresponsive SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_0011
PDK_SMSW_0013 SDP GOS is unresponsive SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_0013
PDK_SMSW_1000 BE-API internal error SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_1000
PDK_SMSW_1001 Resource consumption failure: not authorized [%1] POL0001 %1: Not enough credit
PDK_SMSW_1002 Resource consumption failure: invalid parameter POL0001 %1: No contract found for the given country / service / contact
PDK_SMSW_1003 Resource consumption failure: not authorized [%1] POL0001 %1: Expired contract
PDK_SMSW_1004 Resource consumption failure: unknown transaction ID SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_1004
PDK_SMSW_3000 SDP GOS internal error SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_3000
PDK_SMSW_3001 SDP GOS SLA error SVC0001 %1: PDK_SMSW_3001

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