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Bizao offers the opportunity to integrate your service into the Orange USSD-Store which enables a simple and straight-forward way to provide a USSD service to Orange subscribers.

As reminder, a USSD service is a standard web application that delivers HTML pages.

It is based on a subset of xHTML: Orange back-end server sends HTTP GET requests to the SP using SSL, on behalf of the mobile user, exactly like a web browser does. The SP is expected to reply with xHTML pages.

Here, no token is required. This is because within the USSD case, the HTTP client is on Orange side and the HTTP server is your application.

After your complete integration, the end-user will have access to your service through a USSD short-codes and will be able to navigate into it without using data.

Please note that for the billing and the notification step, the SP will have to manage it from its side using Bizao’s APIs (Payment API – DCB and Notification API).

To subscribe and integrate your service in Orange USSD-Store, you need to provide us the following inputs:

  • The country-name: your targeted country
  • The service-name: your service name as it will appear in the store
  • The service-category: the category where the service will be visible in
  • The service-URL: the URL of your service


Please note that your url has to be secured over SSL. The certificate has to be provided by a trusted entity.

Auto-signed certificates are not accepted.

The default port has to be maintained (443).

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